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1-   Being located in a good climate and clean area, away from environmental pollution –a place near Shiraz- an having more refined air because of the   large garden of the company

2-   Making use of the best experts in order to produce the best products

3-   Using completely natural complex in layers' diet

4-   Using edible ink to print on egg

5-   Using refrigerated trucks in order to quick & sanitary distribution of egg as the first one in Iran

6-   Continuously severe sanitary care in all sectors of the company and using Ozone gas (harmless for human and  environment) for disinfection of dressing rooms, bathrooms, corridors, etc. before entrance to the producing halls

7-   Being as the limited one producer of omega3-egg

8-   Having distribution networks in Shiraz, other cities & towns of Fars province and Tehran

9-   Using standard amount of chemical manure & poison in the orchard and consequently producing healthy products

10-  Intelligent & comprehensive design of the company and being considered the space and adequate infrastructural  facilities for future developing plans

11-  Using advanced & proper facilities, equipments & machinery

12-  holding intermittent educational courses for the personnel to upgrade their skills

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