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FARS Agro–Industry & Animal Husbandry is the largest chicken egg producer (PARSIRANG) in the southern half of Iran and one of the companies of GHAZAL Industrial Group that has been successful to achieve national and international standards in quality & management and many other honors.Membership of The International Egg Commission (IEC), obtaining certificates of ISO 9001, ISO 22000, HACCP, certificates of Halal & Iran National Standard sign for the first time in the country's egg industry, and being selected as the superior egg-laying hens farm of Iran are some of these achievements & honors.Production of animal feeds (SIRANG), biological compost (PARSIBARG JONOOB) and olive fruit (PARSIRANG) are other activities of the company.

FARS Agro–Industry & Animal Husbandry has always tried and will try to produce the best products through an intelligent management, using advanced methods and professional opinions of the best experts.


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